Terom Wind Energy designs and manufactures equipments and machineries for the industrial and renewables sectors.

Terom Wind Energy has also acquired significant expertise in photovoltaics and particularly in the wind energy sector.

More broadly, the company has gained long-standing experience in almost all areas of plant design thanks to the know-how coming from the experience of Terom company. This is a historic Italian firm, which has worked for more than 50 years in the sugar industry, plant design and heavy mechanics sectors.
Terom Wind Energy peculiarity is to be able to consider a project or a job in its entirety, because of the years-long, wide competences acquired in a number or different industrial fields.
The company can thus propose the best technology to be applied to a particular system or product, assessing the various possible solutions, all focused on a single purpose.
Let’s analyze the example of a motorized device. This can be mechanical, hydraulic or electric. The engineering department studies the best solution to optimize the final result depending on the elements of the particular situations. The aim is reached thanks to the capacity to manage all possible solutions and to choose the most suitable one according to the specific case and the experience in that field.
This is possible thanks to Terom Wind Energy engineers and specialists with a wide range of skills and competence.The company standard favors machines’ or plants’ reliability, life and performance.
Because of Terom Wind Energy origin from the plant design sector, the company has deep knowledge of the main industrial processes and of the main machineries involved.
Terom Wind Energy can also study, together with the customer, a number of efficient and innovative technical solutions.

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