Terom Wind Energy is specialized in several types of PV systems, realized following the customers’ needs and the system’s feasibility.

- Roof-integrated PV systems with glass modules – unmovable systems. They are coupled to thermo-insulated panels to grant the best energy efficiency of the building. This system makes the roof waterproof, it is fast and simple to install and conveys an effect of elegance and uniformity.

- Partially integrated PV roof systems that can be traditional or with glued fixing elements. This last system guarantees the building waterproofing because the roof must not be drilled to fix the PV modules.
- PV shading systems both fixed and with solar tracker, which makes it possible to exploit the PV technology even without a roof. The presence of a solar tracker improves the PV system’s performance because the modules can be oriented towards the sun and exploit the maximum amount of solar radiation.

- PV canopies which turn available surfaces like car parking canopies and bus stop shelters in ‘productive’ surfaces.
- Stand-alone PV kits with energy storage systems which allow producing electric energy in areas not covered by the electric grid.