Terom Wind Energy was created in 2008 by the transfer of the renewables branch of business (in particular wind energy branch) from Terom Company.

Terom was founded in 1960 by a group of specialists with years-long experience in the sugar industry field. The company has taken advantage of the engineering and technological competences to design and manufacture a number of machineries for the sugar industry and other mechanical systems.

In addition, Terom has manufactured several other types of machines and equipments for the mechanical and food industry, like licorice juice extractor machine, filtration plants, food mechanical uploading plants (for beet, apples), conveyors for granular products, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, evaporators, heaters, massecuite pumps, CO2 compressors, crystallizers.

Terom Wind Energy surplus value is the development of its own technologies in the wind energy and photovoltaic sectors. At the same time, the company has gained the technological experience of Terom in engineering and manufacturing machineries in a number of different sectors.

In particular, Terom Wind Energy has developed important competences in the wind industry sector with regard to small size wind turbines, starting from measuring and studying the wind.

Thanks to this information, the company has designed and manufactured a whole and specific wind turbine. In particular, the company has created and fabricated the turbine blades made from composite materials and has developed its own control system, which is the key to wind turbines’ proper operation.

The company could thus put into practice the know-how concerning power electronics, permanent magnet generators and other issues like high frequency disturbance and EMC.

In addition to the wind energy sector, from 2010 to 2013 Terom Wind Energy has developed, in cooperation with Terom Company, several types of PV systems, from polycrystalline to microamorphous thin-film modules, from traditional fixing systems to particular fixing, from PV canopies to PV shading with solar tracker, from partially integrated to fully integrated systems. The aim is always the compliance with the customers’ needs and the optimization of the system.