Thanks to a strong expertise in fields like MECHANICAL and CIVIL ENGINEERING, AUTOMATION, OLEODYNAMICS and ELECTROTECHNICS, Terom Wind Energy is able to carry out all kinds of engineering activities, from the project to the manufacturing of a finished product or the implementation of a complete technological solution. The company can thus organize and manage different kinds of technical issues with the cooperation of specialized suppliers when necessary. Some engineering activities are listed as examples below:

Patented alloy steel and reinforced concrete prefabricated foundations.
This type of foundations has been realized for a 60 kW wind turbine. The project has been carried out according to the regulations and has involved Finite Element Analysis of both the structure and the foundations. In addition, the company has manufactured the components of the structure and has installed them on-site.
These foundations are easy to transport, make it possible to reduce to a minimum the costs of wind turbine disposal and, compared to traditional foundations, lessen the environment impact because they do not need excavation works or concrete plinth removal at machine end-of-life. Since wind turbines are often installed in rural areas, this system makes it possible for them to quickly turn back to their agricultural use once the plants have been removed.

Machines and generators test benches.
The company has realized a number of test benches to test the alternator-regenerative inverter system.

Big size structures’ lifting and tilting systems.
The company has realized a wind turbine lifting system that does not require a crane. This system, which has been totally designed and realized by Terom Wind Energy, involves winches and ropes and a hydraulic dampening system. Thanks to this a wind turbine can be assembled in horizontal position and then be lifted from the ground to reach the operating position.
Using this system a 12 ton mass has been lifted with a distance from the rotation center of 30 m.

Mechanical, carpentry and complete plant assembly.

Control and remote control of a machine to manage its functions.
With the control system Terom Wind Energy can display a machine’s conditions of operation, remote manage its activities and control its functions thanks to appropriate parameters set in cooperation with the customer.

Technical assistance and engineering activities.
Terom Wind Energy can supply technical assistance and services. In addition, the company can supply engineering services concerning projects either realized or to be realized, to suggest their feasibility and possible alternative solutions.