Terom Wind Energy manufactures 60 kW and 20 kW WIND TURBINES specially designed for low wind speed sites. The turbines’ safety devices are independent from the control system so protection is ensured also in case of detachment from the electric grid. The turbines’ pitch angle is variable and controlled by an oleodynamic system. The variable pitch makes the turbines more efficient in any wind condition so that they are much more convenient than fixed-pitch machines. The whole project has been developed internally, starting from the choice of the industrial components to the design of the specially manufactured ones, to the development and implementation of the control system. This is parameterized so as to adapt every single turbine to its specific installation site, both during first start and once the turbine has been installed.

Terom Wind Energy also carries out COMPLETE REVAMPING of various kinds of wind turbines. The company know-how, especially of operating machines, makes it possible to maintain, repair and completely revamp wind turbines. The revamping can be mechanical, electronic, and electric and can also involve the control system.

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